Support Plans during the convention

Introduction of various brochures and convention bags etc

Introduction of Tour Brochures English/multi-language brochure

Sample Photos Pamphlet name Overview
Sendai City Map

Sendai City Map[ PDF 5.9MB ]

Height size (18.2 x 8.7 cm), color
When unfolded it becomes B3 size
Easy to see Sendai City maps in two colors.

Cultural Interests and Tourist Attractions discount coupons

Cultural Interests Tourist Attractions discount coupons sample[ PDF 1.6MB ]
Discount tickets must be original.

Size (10.5 × 7.5cm), color
When unfolded it becomes A3 size
Discount Coupons for 23 cultural tourism facilities

Loople Sendai (four languages version) 

Loople Sendai leaflet in four languages LOOPLE SENDAI [ PDF 2.8MB ]

Height size (21 x 10 cm), Color
Leaflet in four languages of the Loople retro city bus that goes around the sights of the city.

Unauthorized copying and secondary processing of the data is prohibited

Sendai Souvenir

Sendai Souvenir Guidebook[ PDF 2.8MB ]

Approx. A4 size. All eight page. Sendai souvenir guide book English version.

Unauthorized copying and secondary processing of the data is prohibited

Support material for the convention

*These are distributed to the participants by the convention organizers. Distribution is limited to the organizer.

Photo sample Brochure name Overview
Convention bag

It can be used for A4 sized documents
\51per bag


Seasons in English A4 size[2.2MB]

A4 color two-sided leaflet
Please use this pamphlet as PR for Sendai the year before the convention.

If you require the pamphlet please contact Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association.