Sendai MICE Area

MAP:Sendai MICE Area
  • Aobayama, Kawauchi Area
  • Around the Sendai Area
  • Suburbs, Other

Aobayama, Kawauchi Area

Located at the foot of the site of Sendai Castle, in a lush green environment, is the Sendai International Center, and other cultural facilities such as museums and art galleries, as well as the Kawauchi Campus of the representative of academia in Sendai – Tohoku University. The exhibition building of the Sendai International Center with 3,000㎡ of exhibition space and connected to the International Center was opened in April, 2015. The Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction was held in March, 2015 accommodating for 6,500 participants from over 185 different countries, proving Sendai’s ability to hold large scale conventions. Furthermore, the convenience of the center was vastly improved with the opening of the Tozai subway line in December, 2015, linking the center to Sendai JR station. Travelling time between the two stations is only 5 minutes. The community square of about 19,000㎡ adjacent to the International Center Station on the Tozai subway line can be used not only as a carpark but also as an area for 8,000㎡ tents for large scale conventions.

Main Convention Facilities

Sendai International Center
Tohoku Univ. Kawauchi Centennial Hagi Hall / Kawauchi-kita Campus

photo:Sendai International Center Exhibition Hall
Sendai International Center Exhibition Hall

Around the Sendai Area

There are many meeting facilities, hotels, shopping malls and restaurants all within walking distance of the Tohoku region’s largest rail terminal. There are hotels and conference facilities adjacent to Sendai Station, giving the area a good reputation for easy access. Tree-lined Jozenji Street, symbolizing the City of Trees, is a short walk with a variety of public facilities and an event square. It is also a short walking distance to Kokubuncho, the Tohoku region’s largest nightlife entertainment district.

Main Convention Facilities

Sendai City Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Activation Center
Sendai Sunplaza Hall
Sendai Civic Auditorium
Sendai Mediatheque
Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi

Main accommodation facilities with convention facilities

The Westin Sendai
Hotel Metropolitan Sendai
Koyo Grand Hotel
Sendai Kokusai Hotel
Hotel Monterey Sendai

photo:Hotel Metropolitan Sendai
Hotel Metropolitan Sendai

Suburbs, Other

There are also a number of convention facilities in the suburbs.
Here we will introduce those on the Namboku subway line, Sendai Port, Sakunami Hot Spring and Akiu Hot Spring.

【Namboku subway line】
Main convention and accommodation facilities

Sendai Royal Park Hotel:Izumi chuo stn.
Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai:Asahigaoka stn.
Xebio Arena Sendai:Nagamachi stn.

【Sendai Port】
Main convention facilities

Yume Messe Miyagi
In July, 2015 the Sendai Umi no Mori Aquarium was opened. It is a popular area also including the existing Outlet Mall.

photo:xebio arena
Xebio Arena

【Sakunami Hot Spring】

Sakunami has been referred to as the back lounge room of Sendai. It is historically renowned as having been a secret hideaway hot spring for the feudal lords of Sendai and enjoyed by the poets Masaoka Shiki and Doi Bansui. Sakunami is approximately 40 minutes from Sendai city and is a perfect place of course for conventions but is also popular for after-convention activities.

The main accommodation with convention facilities

Yosenkaku Iwamatsu Ryokan
Yuzukushi Salon Sakunami Ichinobo

【Akiu Hot Spring】

Akiu Hot Spring is historically said to have been used by the imperial family and is one of only three in Japan that was bestowed with a special imperial name. In addition to the inn that was founded in the Heian Period (794-1192) there are other inns of the Edo Period (1603-1868) in the town. The hot spring is not too far from Sendai being only a 30 minute drive. In May, 2016 the G7 Sendai Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting was held at Hotel Sakan as the main venue and Akiu is becoming a popular resort convention area.

photo:Yosenkaku Iwamatsu Ryokan
Yosenkaku Iwamatsu Ryokan

The main accommodation with convention facilities

Hotel Sakan
Kagaribi no Yu Ryokusuitei
Hotel New Mitoya
Akiu Resort Hotel Crescent

photo:Hotel New Mitoya
Hotel New Mitoya

There are hotels and convention facilities outside of Sendai City but within Miyagi Prefecture, such as one of Japan’s three most scenic spots – Matsushima and Miyagi Zao.

The main accommodation with convention facilities

Hotel Matsushima Taikanso
Yumoto Matsushima Ichinobo
Active Resorts Miyagi-Zao
Laforet Zao Resort & Spa