Sendai Safety

Information regarding radiation

Many overseas visitors to Japan have become concerned about the safety of Japan, especially east Japan, after the incident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
After the report of water being contaminated, coupled with exaggeration and misunderstanding, there have been some countries that have reported Japan as more dangerous than it, in fact, is.

Please be assured that food and tap water circulating in the city have been tested for radioactive particles and the results are either less than the value of the detection limit or well below the norm.
Also, measures are taken so that any agricultural or marine products discovered to have a level exceeding the norm do not get to the market place.
Please check the below site for correct information.

Radioactivity Information Site Miyagi

The radiation in the air over Miyagi Prefecture is measured and published on line in real time. This information is available in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese.

World radiation measurement map (Fukushima Prefecture)

Radiation of each city in the world has been documented.

Impact of Nuclear Power Plant & Radiation Related Data(Sendai City)

The Sendai city air space radiation / food and tap water radioactive material detection situation is published in English.

Monitoring information of environmental radioactivity level

A radiation monitor result of the various part of Japan can be checked by the map form.