Chopstick making experience at an international conference

November 16th, 2017

For the memorable stay in Sendai, Sendai CB arranged a chopstick making workshop at the foyer of the conference venue during the international conference.  Reused wood from zelkova and cherry trees etc…, processed to the original size of chopsticks was prepared. Participants looked at the characteristics of the wood and chose the piece they liked, and finished the chopsticks by planning and sanding it smooth. Some participants spent much time to meticulously finish their chop-stick making task which usually takes 20 minutes. Student supporters dispatched from CB assisted with English as needed, so it became a workshop that everyone, regardless of nationality, could enjoy. The event was a great success with the participants commenting, “It was recycling and it was a lot of fun,” and, “I was able to do it well even though it was the first time”.

This was the first time to hold the event, realized with the cooperation of “Sendai My Chopstick Making Association” assisted by local construction companies. We would like to continue working on creating events that will make visitors glad they came to Sendai.

IMG_1777 mychopsticks1