Helpful Items for participants

We provide a variety of helpful items so that participants of conventions in Sendai can fully enjoy their time safely.

Please provide participants with information via the links on the website and announcements at the convention venue.


Web site for MICE participants. Information such as free Wi-Fi spots, duty free shops, automatic bank tellers that accept overseas cards, Sendai sightseeing spots and restaurants are provided so visitors can fully enjoy Sendai.

General terms of MICE:Meeting、Incentive tour、Convention/Conference、Exhibition

SPENDING Time SENDAI *External link

Please feel free to use this banner in the link.

Spending Time Sendai(スペンディングタイム仙台)のバナー画像です for English Banner

*Link free

Restaurant Guide Site ‘Meal Navi’

This is a website that provides information about restaurants in the vicinity of the convention venues.
You can find a restaurant to your liking by searching not only by keyword but also by specifying an area and type of cuisine.

Meal Navi *External site

Sendai Jogging Map

You can download a jogging map of the city center.
If you use Firefox the browser setting may cause the site to appear garbled.

Sendai Jogging Map PDF[ 1.4MB ]