Incentive Tour Support Program

A variety of service menus are available to support tour organizers to make their incentive tours special.

Requirements to receive support

  • (1) Tours for visitors from outside Japan
  • (2) Incentive tours, study tours, anniversary tours, or company retreats held by a company or an organization
  • (3) Groups of 15 or more who will stay at least one night in Sendai City
  • *In principle, the application deadline for the support menu is one month prior to departure.
  • *Only one application per tour is accepted.

Amount of support

Please inquire about the amount of support.

Contact for inquiries

About the application

Organizers of incentive tours (corporate entities, organizations, etc.) and travel agencies that host incentive tours (limited to those who can apply in the Japanese language)

Application flow

For information about the support program, refer to the attached PDF below.

PDFFlow for Using the Incentive Tour Support Program(PDF:74KB)

List of support menus