Incentive tour support (provided free of charge) guidelines


Article 1
This outline is regarding incentive tours visiting Sendai and the support plan provided free of charge by the Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Association’). The Association aims to expand the demand of incentive tours to Sendai from abroad by clarifying the promotion of growth and related industries.


Article 2
Incentive tours refer to the reward, training, invitation, commemorative tours made by employees carried out by places of business.

§Target group

Article 3

The target population for those applicable to receive incentive support is as below:

 1. Incentive tour organisers

 2. Travel agencies who conduct incentive tours

 3. Anyone else at the discretion of the director of the Association

§Target Businesses

Article 4

Incentive tours applicable to receive support plans shall meet the following requirements:

 1. During the tour no less than 15 visitors from abroad must be accommodated in a Sendai accommodation facility.

 2. It is preferred that correspondence regarding this plan be in Japanese.

§Support Plan

Article 5
Provided in appendix 1

§How to apply

Article 6
To apply for the support you must submit an application (form 1), with an itinerary, up to one month before the date of travel to the director of the Association.


Article 7
The director will examine the documents on application as per the preceding article as soon as they are received. A decision will be made and the applicant notified by a letter of advice (form 2).

§Performance Report

Article 8
The party receiving support must submit a performance report (form 3) together with a final itinerary or recorded images to the director of the Association as soon as possible after the tour.


Article 9
If the organizer no longer requires the support they must submit the refusal form (form 4) as soon as possible to the director of the Association.

§Billing and Payment

Article 10
Regarding payment of services provided to travel agencies, the service provider will send an invoice directly to the Association which will be paid directly by the Association without involving the travel agency.

§Site Survey

Article 11
The Association reserves the right to carry out on-site inspections of the applicant on the implemented dates.

§Implementation Details

Article 12
The director of the Association determines the matters necessary for the implementation of this outline.

Other items:

This support period has been implemented on the 1st April, 2016.
Please note that once the number of applications exceeds the Association’s budget, the Association will be unable to accept further applications for this incentive tour support plan for the remainder of the year.